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Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming and a recently released trailer gives us some hints of what will await us.

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After GTA 4, where you could walk through the streets of Liberty City, which is based on New York, Grand Theft Auto 5 brings you back to Los Santos, which is based on Los Angeles and was a part of GTA: San Andreas. The release Date for Grand Theft Auto 5 will be September the 17th.

The Trailer may give us some hints. After approximately 53 seconds the number 2405 can be seen twice. Once as a house number and again on a Truck. There is also a message on the Truck that says „We aim not to lose it“. Maybe this is a hidden Message, or not – Fact is – GTA 5 is coming this year.

The Character you will be able to play is a retired gangster who moved to Los Santos to live a normal, calm and comfortable life. He has a big house and wonderful Kids. But this wouldn’t be GTA, if not something will go wrong and the normal life turns into the dangerous life of a gangster.

Rockstar Games is promising a „new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer“. This Sounds like a huge new World, so there will maybe more of Southern California, than just Los Angeles. The PC Version of GTA V will be graphically even more advanced.

All Kinds of Vehicles will be there for you to ride. The Trailer shows Helicopters, all kinds of Planes, Motorcycles and Jet Skies. It seems that Land, air and see will be accessible. Gas Masks and fertilizer from a plane suggest some new weapons. Even some old faces, or at least familiar ones, can be seen on the trailer, like CJ and Nico Bellic.