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GTA 5 Easter Eggs in Max Payne 3

With GTA 5 on the way for so long, it’s impossible not to be looking out for Easter Eggs in other Rockstar games. With all the suspense the undisclosed release date has created, it makes sense to assume that Rockstar has let a few secrets slip out, just to keep gamers on their toes.

According to some gamers, a few Easter Eggs have been found in Max Payne 3. But there are skeptics who disagree, and say that being antsy for GTA 5 Xbox 360 and PS3 release is making people look for things that just aren’t there. More on

The supposed Easter Eggs in MP3 include some mountains on the wall of a New Jersey bar, which could be the mountains in Los Santos. Another find is an open newspaper in a room in the first chapter of MP3, that shows a picture of a Learjet 45 similar to the one featured in the GTA 5 trailer. Then there’s the bicycle in MP3 that also shows up in the GTA 5 trailer.

Gamers who say these are not Easter Eggs argue that items which show up in both MP3 and GTA 5 do so not because of any Easter Egg, but because game developers share assets from game to game, and don’t change every detail. They aren’t hints, just coincidences. Other gamers argue that Rockstar is too smart and on top of its game for this kind of laziness, and that everything that shows up in a scene is there for a reason.

Only time will tell whether there really are Easter Eggs in Max Payne 3, or not.

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