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GTA 5 for PC is the latest adventure pack video game, developed by Rockstar North; the release date for the PC version of GTA is scheduled on 23rd November, 2012 although it has not been yet officially announced by the company.

GTA 4 was released on April 2008 and could be played with different versions such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows Operation System for PC. The main difference found between PS3 and Xbox 360 is that in 360, the game is a bit less blurry and provides crisper visuals.

There seems to be another twist. We know that all the PS3 comes on Blu-ray, a disc which stores more information as compared to standard disc that 360 uses, so there are chances that the 360 version might be having more than a single disc, while the PS3 version might not have.

Some of the newly introduced add-ons in 360 were not just the additions of few extra cars or extra missions but furthermore, it included many extra hours of the new game play, the length of which could possibly be matched to that of GTA – Liberty City Stories.

The most commonly found problems in GTA 4 is that once the player finish the game 100% and when the new CD is inserted in the PC CD slot to continue playing, a message pops, ‘The downloadable content required for this auto-load is not available. Press X to start a new game of GTA IV.’ When you see such a message, try saving the file in a different slot. Here you can get more Info on GTA 5 Xbox.

The price for GTA 5 for PC version has not yet been released, but nevertheless, this can be the one of the best game you must not miss out. Look out for the launch date and ensure that you play the game before anyone else does.