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Ever since the first Grand Theft Auto game there have been noticeable differences regarding the PlayStation version. Originally they went in the favour of the PC version as it was possible to get extras like being able to ride upon the train around the city. As each game progressed though, the extras have begun to favour the PlayStation version. More info here.

For Grand Theft Auto 4, this shift in platform exclusivity became prevalent as down-loadable content that offered access to new areas only available for PlayStation 3 users was now available. Initially two episodes were released, but more soon came along that expanded upon the game-play. These were now solely available for the PlayStation 3 users to explore which they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

It is most likely that this will continue to be the case for the PlayStation 3, and number 5. Rockstar have already made clear their preference for the console after Microsoft had to fight for the right for it to be released on the Xbox 360. This is due to the size of the game which will have to be split across a number of Xbox discs, whereas the PlayStation 3 will require one Blueray which promises better quality as well. Here you can get more info about GTA 5 PC.

Exclusive down-loadable content is expected to be a feature again. We are going to see stories and missions expanding upon the city of Los Santos and the ever-growing world within it. With the even more ambitious nature of this instalment, it would appear that the PlayStation 3 is the optimal platform for this exciting game and its universe.