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GTA 5 will be launched on PS3 and Xbox 360 on 2012, the released date on PC is planned a little while afterwards. These are only rumors but we found out on the Internet that an online multiplayer mode will be available. The Rockstar Games company talks about a huge game, so it should be released on multiple discs as other games like Max Payne; each disc containing a part of the story. Read more here.

The new trailer for GTA 5 (in Liberty city) shows a big graphic difference with the previous game. We can expect a beautiful game visually speaking.

It is at the moment very difficult to find clear and reliable information about the technology which will be used for GTA 5, but the game is very promising as GTA 4 was already a great game when launched despite the lack of visual effects.

In GTA San Andreas, the map was extremely wide, but unfortunately, it was boring because empty… In GTA 4 Liberty city, the map was much smaller but much more detailed. We hope that with the technology improvements GTA 5’s map will be as huge as in GTA San Andrea but fully detailed!!! Knowing that the game will be very heavy and released on multiple discs… Fingers crossed. Here you can get more info about GTA 5 for PC.

With the technology of the Xbox 360, Rockstar Games has the complete freedom of doing a revolutionary gameplay and beautiful graphics; even if the gameplay has always been their priority. Will they at once try to make the game look realistic?

To conclude, GTA 5 is very promising, we hope that all the possibilities of the Xbox 360 will be used to create an amazing game and a great multiplayer mode!