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GTA V – possible release during this October?

The battles of Liberty City are over, Nico Bellic and his friend already retired. But a new adventure in a different town is just about to begin. GTA V is the newest project of Rockstar Games. But every detail is kept secret and only speculations are going around the Internet. The youngest rumor says that a release of the game might be closer than everybody thought.

Leaking through:
Little is known about Rockstar’s new game of the GTA-Series. The name of the main character, his back-round or the actual location of the game – everything is sealed away and the developers won’t give any information to the public. So it is quite surprising that now a possible release did leak through. On an official paper of one of the main design artists, Jolyon Orme, which got posted on the Internet is written that GTA V might be released in October of this year. Even so Rockstar Games didn’t officially confirm this rumor the didn’t deny it either. But there are some facts that speak for a good possibility that this release date might be true.

Filling the gaps:
The main reason why GTA V might come out this year has to do with the release of an other major game-project – Bioshock Infinite – which was supposed to come out also this year. Due to some difficulties the developers Take 2K postponed the release date to February 2013. Because of this news there is now a gap on the gaming market during October and Rockstar Games might just use that empty space to squeeze in their new game – fitting for the Christmas trades.

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  1. rian wrote on :

    I want gta V realeased now or if that game not realeased I Will closed this game

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