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How Rockstar keeps the value high

The end of one era is the start of a new, from the console game and now is the time to launch a new and exciting game. This is the conversation between Zelnick and Gamasutra. Zelnick further said that this is an opportunity to separate the losers from the winners, thinking of the company as one of the winners. This new era is the best time to launch a new IP.

While producing new games are good for business, it can also lead to the consumer’s unrest. The annual release makes gamers waiting for the game, however, what about the previous released game with copies still out in the market? This leads to consumer purchasing the new one, leaving the other one obsolete. Continuous release also risk burning the consumer. This is the mistake of many competitors wherein they exact a lot of value but burned the consumer making the IP go away.

Yes, we are making quality game so why not make the most out of the game. Letting the consumer wait can make the value of the game higher. That’s the thrill of waiting for something good. The more you wait for that game to be released, the consumer want to buy the product. “I’m not lessening the challenge of making titles annually but if you hit it right, then it’s a wonderful time to release a new IP,“ Zelnick said.

As Zelnick says it, we are not creating something that sells rather quality product that will sell. The best way to do it is by delighting the consumer while making profit in the process. So consumer hoping for an annual release of Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox or Bioshock, you just have to wait a little longer. Quality is better than Quantity.

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