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More information on GTA 5 at GamesCom next month?

Gamescom, the largest video game fair in Europe with over 275,000 visitors, takes place this summer in Germany between August the 15th and 19th. With 557 exhibitors this year’s show will boast over 300 gaming premieres.

Perhaps one of the most eagerly anticipated games is the possible big unveiling of the long anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5. Although no information or official release date has been given, rumours are rife that Gamescom 2012 will be the backdrop for tantalising new information on the game.

These rumours are fuelled by the trailer for Gamescom. At 1.50 the trailer shows a torturously short clip of in game footage, in which CJ from San Andreas seems to appear. The clip shows a character being chased down an alley by police and a helicopter and has an undeniable GTA feel about it. Though this footage had previously appeared in a teaser trailer for GTA 5 its reappearance leads many to believe that the day is finally approaching where more information will be given. Currently information on when to buy GTA5 is incredibly thin on the ground.

The GTA series has had a steady release rate in the past with never more than a couple of years passing between the release of a new title, the last one been The Ballad of Gay Tony in 2009. This has led many to believe that the release date announcement for the new title is imminent and what better stage to make the announcement than at Gamescom. Many have hypothesised trailer release dates and game release dates through analysing patterns in Rockstars past history. Only time will tell however and it is looking likely that something big will happen this Gamescom whether it be an announcement, trailer or best of all a short demo.

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